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Social Health Program

Waterfall Community Health Center’s Social Health Navigation Team

It is the vision of the Waterfall Community Health Center’s Social Health Program to provide patients with the opportunity to receive equitable access to integrated health care, regardless of any barriers they may experience. As such, we recognize that Social Determinants, such as lack of transportation or financial strain, play a centralized role in a person’s overall health or lack of health and well-being. The Social Health Program provides services and links to local resources for Waterfall patients who are experiencing certain barriers to their health. We hope to empower our Waterfall community with the services, and education needed to live whole and healthy lives.

Health Insurance Enrollment

Waterfall has a long standing history of working with community members who have health insurance questions. We have qualified and trained assisters who will help you check your eligibility and work with you to enroll or re-enroll in the Oregon Health Plan.

Call us at 541-756-6232 and make an appointment with our Social Health team today!

Please bring the following information to your appointment for OHP applications: (Any questions please feel free to call our Social Health Navigation Team prior to your appointment.)

  • Social Security numbers and birthdates for all household members, even if they are not applying for coverage.

    (The term “household” applies to anyone that is, or would be if you filed, included on your tax returns.)

  • Income verification for all household members, even if they are not applying for coverage.

    (wage stubs, social security award letter, unemployment benefit letter, etc.)

  • Any immigration documentation for all family members.

Social Determinants of Health

We understand that your health needs and goals may encompass more than what is covered by your medical exams. We care about you and your well-being and our Navigators will work with you to overcome any barriers you may be experiencing.

Ask us about our personal care options.

Are you cold? Are you hungry? Let us know.

Are you having trouble getting to and from your medical appointments? We will explore transportation options that will fit your lifestyle.

Are you struggling with housing issues? The Social Health Team can help you navigate available housing assistance programs.

Do you struggle with medication costs? We can help you search for prescription assistance programs.

Are you in need of employment or education? Social Health staff can connect you with an array of job, school, and training resources.

Are you experiencing high levels of STRESS? We can refer you to a weekly on-site stress management class run by Waterfall staff.

Ask us about available eye care and dental assistance programs.

Are you a Veteran? A member of a Native American Tribe? A senior? A member of the LGBTQ+ community? Are you feeling isolated and unsure of what services may be available to you? We can connect you to community support and resources.

Veggie Rx Program

Waterfall’s Veggie Rx program is designed to address food insecurity and increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables for our patients.  This program is open to all patients free of charge, and patients can come by once a week to get a bag of produce.  If it’s your first time visiting us, you get a free reusable grocery bag to take your food home with! Waterfall also has a produce station available without prescription to all youth at our Marshfield School Based Health Center.

Social Health Program Staff

Ashlie Coleman

Patient Navigator

Jody Tolman, THW

Patient Navigator

Jody Tolman is a Coos County native, as were both of her parents. She has never lived anywhere else! Jody has worked in the medical field since she was 19. She has had many different positions at Waterfall Community Health Center ever since she started in the front office 9 years ago. Three years ago she obtained her Community Health Worker certification from OSU through a course they offered at SWOCC, which is when she moved into the Social Health position here. Gardening and taking drives off of the beaten path are some of her and her husband’s favorite weekend pastimes.

Kayln Clinkenbeard

Patient Navigator

Kayln Clinkenbeard grew up in North Bend, OR and graduated from NBHS. As a Patient Navigator here at Waterfall Community Health Center, she has quickly become an important part of our community. She loves to learn and enjoy that every single day brings something new with this position. Kayln married a Marine and spent 14 years stationed in San Diego, CA and Quantico, VA. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of Mary Washington in psychology and neuroscience and has been passionate about exploring her options for future education in clinical psychology or psychiatry during her post-military-spouse life. Kayln enjoys camping every summer, hiking, karaoke, and playing games (mostly cards and trivia).


Nicole Norris, MA, THW

Chief Quality Officer

Nicole has also been a professor of Anthropology and Native American Studies at Southwestern Oregon Community College for the last 15 years.

PHONE: 541-435-7014
EMAIL: nnorris@wfall.org

Sofia Venegas, THW

School Based Patient Navigator

Sofia grew up in Los Angeles County and has been living in Coos County since 2020. She earned her B.A. in 2019 from Brown University, where she was a student-athlete and double majored in Human Biology and Science, Technology and Society. She hopes to someday be a medical provider working within an integrated model such as that of Waterfall. Sofia is a member of Oregon’s Health Equity Committee and is a recently certified Community Health Worker. Sofia is an avid music listener and dog lover. When Sofia isn’t working or studying, she enjoys playing casual video games or exploring the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Community Resource Partnerships