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Board of Directors

Waterfall Community Health Center Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet regularly to ensure that the center is community based and responsive to the community’s health care needs. Over 51% of the board members are active, registered clients of the health center who are representative of the population served by the Waterfall.

Tony Crane

Board Member

Tony Crane joined the Waterfall Board of Directors at the end of 2020. He got associated with Waterfall because he was actually a patient here first. Tony worked in insurance and financial services, and then owned a small grocery store. He sold the store and essentially retired two years ago. Tony has been involved with baseball coaching and serving as youth league president for many years. He loves the outdoors in many ways. He loves the ocean and beaches, the river and lakes, the mountains and camping, photography, and bird watching. Tony’s wife is a teacher and services on the state board of OEA. They love to garden and spend time outdoors with family.

Sandra Qualman

Board President

Sandra Qualman has been on the Waterfall Board of Directors for 13 years. She got interested in Waterfall Community Health Center when a current board member asked her to serve as Secretary. Sandra comes from a background in health care having retired from the Bay Area Hospital after 33 years of work there. She loves volunteering, traveling, and golf. 

Rob Hill

Board Member

Rob Hill joined the Board of Directors in the summer of 2021. He first got associated with Waterfall Community Health Center when he moved to the area after relocating due to retirement. He looked up health care providers and became a patient. Rob is a retired Biologist from the California Department of Agriculture. He has a ton of interests, from quantum mechanics to astronomy, to carpentry, working on his home and garden, desert plants and archery. Rob met his wife, Connie, in a helicopter squadron in Norfolk, Virginia. He has two sons, Richard and Robin, who both also live in Oregon.

Norm Herning

Board Treasurer

Norm Herning re-joined the board in 2017 after a previous stint of four years several years ago. He was recruited by long-time board President, Sandy Qualman and he is particularly interested in the clinic’s efforts to provide medical care to those in the community who cannot afford it. He is a retired accountant and his business acumen is a great asset to our board. He enjoys traveling, completing minor home improvement projects and gardening.

McClain Altman

Board Member

McClain Altman joined our Board of Directors in the summer of 2020. He has a long history with Waterfall as he was a patient for more than 10 years. His experience with Waterfall has always been a positive one as the service was consistently excellent along with the positive attitudes. McClain has worked with elder and disabled populations in our community. He is a business owner and a Farmer’s Market vendor, which he has done for 10 years. When he isn’t working or helping the community, some of his favorite passions include fishing, gardening, home remodeling, and horticulture. If you ever get to know McClain, you’ll quickly find his funny, creative, and caring personality as a wonderful presence to have around.

Marce Knight

Board Vice President

Marce Knight joined the Waterfall Board of Directors when we moved to our new Waite Street location in 1998. She worked in the medical field and was able to get medical equipment donated to Waterfall which is what started her association here. Marce is currently retired from the medical field where she was in physician recruiting. She loves to read, travel, play pickleball and focus on nutrition.

Kyra Hofman

Board Member

Jamie Vitalich

Board Member

Jamie Vitalich joined the Board of Directors in the summer of 2021. She first got associated with Waterfall when the North Bay Elementary School office opened and her family jumped at the chance to get involved. Jamie is currently the full time caretaker of their house and 2.5 acres. She is an avid gardener with permaculture as a primary focus. Jamie loves to fish, hike, and spend time with her husband and friends, along with their dog, Dilly. She also greatly enjoys keeping bees and loves to play with clay behind her potter’s wheel.

Elizabeth Brigham

Board Member