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Primary Care Medical Services



Waterfall Community Health Center is an accredited patient-centered medical home.

We provide comprehensive medical care for the whole family and empower our patients through education, preventative health counseling, and quality care.

As your primary care provider, our role is to provide preventative care, teach healthy lifestyle choices, identify and treat common medical conditions and access the urgency of medical problems.

A patient-centered medical home ensures our quality team is available and knows you and your health history while coordinating your care. Your primary care provider acts as your coach to get healthy, stay healthy and get the care and services right for you.


Primary Care Providers

Christina Brakebill, APRN-NP

Family Nurse Practitioner

Christina Brakebill is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner who has been providing Primary Care since 2013. She has chosen a career at Federally Qualified Health Centers like Waterfall, because of her belief that ALL humans deserve access to affordable, compassionate, quality health care, including mental health, and dental care! Christina has experience caring for adults with multiple chronic illnesses, including HIV, mental illness, and substance use disorders. Christina also is happy to continue providing primary care to LGBTQI people and humans who benefit from interpretation services.

Christina earned her Master of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2013. Her bachelor’s degree was in Molecular and Integrative Physiology with high distinction from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1999. She participated in a year-long Midwest AIDS Education Center HIV Clinician Scholars Program in 2015. She also completed a two-year Global Health medical Fellowship based out of the University of California at San Francisco called the Heal Initiative 2017-2019.

Christina grew up in a military family and has lived in many United States and abroad. If home is where mom lives, she is from Northwest Georgia. If home is defined by cumulative duration of years spent in one town, she is from Chicago Illinois. This is the second time she has lived in Oregon, and it has been 20 long years of missing the BIG TREES and the mist.

Dr. Mark Pasternak, MD

Family Practice Physician

Dr. Patrick Dwyer, MD

Family Physician

Rachael Loncar, MSN, FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner

Rachael is a Family Nurse Practitioner with over 26 years of diverse, acute care nursing experience, including Emergency, NICU, and pediatrics. She completed her Master’s in nursing with Franklin University out of Ohio, but recently relocated to the beautiful PNW from North Carolina. She is committed to creating an environment where every patient feels safe and valued. Her passion is caring for the members of her community and ensuring each patient is given the best possible chance at health and wellbeing. In her spare time Rachael enjoys exploring the beautiful outdoors with her daughter and goofy dog.

Shelly Prather, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner

Shelly completed her master’s degree in leadership and management in Nursing at Walden University with a post master’s at Gonzaga and Graceland University. She has always loved learning and is proud to have made honors, becoming a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society.

Shelly has a love for rural health care and has worked at outreach places with diverse populations in areas such as Burns, Prineville, and Madras Oregon. This has given her an opportunity to work in every area of a hospital, including supervisor. Shelly has a strong background allowing her to specialize in critical and intensive care for over 30 years. She has worked with diverse populations and ethnic backgrounds including all age populations, ethnic backgrounds, and cultures. Shelly’s specialties include emergency care, cardiac care, cardiac rhythm diagnostics, pulmonary emergencies and intensive care, surgical specialties, burn intensive care, labor and delivery with postpartum care of mothers and infants. 

She has enjoyed working at rural care facilities but also enjoys travel, which extended into the big city. This is where she was able to work in extensive travel nursing, which allowed her to gain experience at some of the largest hospitals in the United States, including Sharps and Scripts hospitals. While Shelly was at Sharps hospital, she was able to collaborate in the development of a Rapid Response Program designed to identify patients who were declining rapidly, calling a medical team to the bedside to intervene prior to the patient experiencing a catastrophic event and needing a code called. The program was a huge success and was brought to Oregon upon her return to the state where it was also implemented at Asante Healthcare systems in Grants Pass, eventually to be used at several hospitals across Oregon. 

Shelly’s hobbies include helping those who need it,  horseback riding, traveling anywhere warm with water, swimming, fishing, boating, animals, crafts, history, dancing, and music concerts, especially delta blues.

Shelly looks forward to being able to develop programs in Coos County, helping to develop programs needed. She hopes to be able to keep learning using the skills she acquired for the use and development in our community.

* Your health is important to us, and your health care information will remain private under the bylaws of the Health Information Privacy Act from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

** Patients/clients have a right to service regardless of your race, sex, religion, age, ethnic background, linguistic preference, education, social class, economic status, sexual orientation, or handicap.

Understanding Minor Consent and Confidentiality in Health Care in Oregon