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Integrated Behavioral Health

Integrated Behavioral Health model of Primary Care

Waterfall Community Health Center operates in an Integrated Behavioral Health model of Primary Care.  What this means for our patients is that they can expect a well-rounded approach to their physical and mental health care, no matter why they have come to the clinic. Our Behavioral Health Consultants serve as a bridge between traditional Primary Care and Mental Health care and often deliver, quick evaluations and assessments or interventions without the need for an “official” mental health referral or a return appointment.  We value the whole person and understand that treating both the mental and physical needs of each patient in tandem will always result in a more thoughtful approach to healing.

Here is an example of how a behavioral health visit might work:

Patient Centered Care

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Integrated Behavioral Health Providers

Durel Kirby, LCSW

Behavioral Health Consultant

J. Todd Northrop, LPC

Behavioral Health Program Manager

Lance Nelson, MS LPC NCC

Chief Innovation Officer

Milana Marsenich, LPC

Behavioral Health Consultant