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Women’s Health

CCare Services

CCare provides FREE family planning services and supplies to both MEN and WOMEN.

Women’s Health Services

For women in all stages of life, teens to seniors, we provide you with comprehensive, high-quality, and affordable health care tailored to the needs of a woman. Discounted services are available to qualified patients on our sliding fee discount program.

  • Women’s Annual Health Exams, Pap smears, Gynecological services

  • Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening

  • Pregnancy Tests

  • STD/STI (Gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomonas, herpes, PID, etc), vaginitis, HIV, Hepatitis Testing & Treatment

  • Birth control, CCare Contraceptive Care (patch, injection, IUD/IUS, condoms, vaginal ring, etc)

  • Family planning