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Waterfall Set to Open New School Based Health Center

From KCBY.com

COOS COUNTY, Ore. — Taking students out of school for health appointments can be time-consuming and can take away from their education.

On the south coast, an elementary school is working to help avoid that.

School nurses are an important part of a school, and now North Bay Elementary School in North Bend is adding a program that will extend the health care a school can offer.

"The more we can provide to kids for a healthy environment both physically and mentally the better their equipment to learn in school setting," said Bruce Martin, the principal.

The school-based health center will have a nurse practitioner, mental health therapists, and a social health provider. The waterfall clinic, which is funding the program, says having a mental health expert will allow for early intervention when needed.

"How much more of an impact can we have at 5 vs 15," asked Andrea Trenner, the CEO of Waterfall Clinic. "So the moment that those issues start to surface then we say hey this is normal we can help them through, support them through hard issues. Just because their younger doesn't mean they don't have emotional issues."

Another motive for the center is to cut down the time students are away from the classroom.

"Being a rural school is that often times when families leave or students leave for a health appointment they're gone for the remainder of the day," Martin said. "Providing some in house opportunities for kids will ensure that their learning is more continuous."

The idea is, not the replace school nurses, but to add the next level of care a child may need while keeping them in school.

Construction for the health center is expected to be finished in October, but help will be available for students at the start of this school year.


Waterfall's Diversity and Equity Statement

In recognition of the recent US Supreme Court decision to disallow discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation and gender identification, and Black Lives Matter protests around the country following the killing of George Floyd, Waterfall stands in support of our black and LGBTQ+ community members.

Waterfall Community Health Center was founded in 1998 to provide quality healthcare for all. Our mission is to “promote access to quality integrated health services that meet the needs of individuals with barriers to care on the Southern Oregon Coast.” We believe all individuals should be cared for with respect and dignity. Simultaneously, we recognize that the racism and discrimination within the healthcare system in our country are barriers to quality care and equitable treatment.

Waterfall Community Health Center denounces discrimination for any and all reasons including race, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Our role is to provide quality care to all individuals in every community on Oregon’s Southern Coast. In the effort to seek health equity in the care we provide, Waterfall recommits to cultural responsiveness, the promotion of diversity education for staff, and the establishment of patient centered programs aimed at reducing all barriers to health care.

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We are a safety-net clinic in North Bend / Coos Bay serving the people of Coos, Curry and Douglas counties on the Southern Oregon Coast. We accept patients with Medicare, Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid, Private Insurance and patients without health insurance. We have a sliding fee scale for patients without health insurance, which is based on family size and income. The Waterfall Community Health Center is a Patient Centered Medical Home.

Waterfall Community Health Center is a Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) deemed health center, whereby it has medical malpractice liability protection through the FTCA. Under this Act, Federally-Qualified Health Centers, like Waterfall Clinic, are considered Federal employees with the Federal government acting as their primary insurer.

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In partnership with OCHIN, who supports our clinic’s electronic health record system, we are offering our patients secure, online access to their personal medical charts. Using the OCHIN MyChart, patients can see lab results, medication lists, make appointments, and much more – online, any time of the day or night.


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The Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Program is part of Oregon's effort to fulfill a vision for better health, better care and lower costs for all Oregonians.

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