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Diversity and Equity

Some of the ways in which Waterfall currently fosters equity and inclusion are as follows:

  • Waterfall’s Board of Directors is patient-led, meaning, at least 51% of board members are patients. Learn more about our Board of Directors here. 
  • We offer a sliding scale fee option to reduce financial barriers to care. Find the application here.
  • The Social Health team helps patients address barriers to health including transportation, social isolation, employment, etc. 
  • All staff participate in diversity, equity, and inclusion training as part of the onboarding process. 
  • Waterfall is in the process of building an accessible playground for children of all abilities.
  • All written materials are translated into Spanish. 
  • Bilingual staff receive additional compensation for translation services.  
  • We provide video interpretation services at no cost to patients.  
  • Waterfall partners with community groups and organizations that serve marginalized populations including the South Coast Equity Coalition, Coos Hispanic Allies, and Southern Oregon Coast Pride.
  • Mental health clinicians are trained in gender affirming care. 
  • In addition to individual therapy options, the Mental Health department offers groups including:
    • Beginners Mindfulness Group
    • Suicide Ideating & Bereavement Support Group
      *If interested in either of these groups, please contact Isaac Moore at  imoore@wfall.org or (541) 756-6232, ext. 160.

Social Determinants of Health

We understand that your health needs and goals may encompass more than what is covered by your medical exams. We care about you and your well-being and our Outreach staff will work with you to overcome any barriers you may be experiencing.

Ask us about our personal care options.

Are you cold? Are you hungry? Let us know.

Are you having trouble getting to and from your medical appointments? We will explore transportation options that will fit your lifestyle.

Are you struggling with housing issues? Outreach staff can help you navigate available housing assistance programs.

Do you struggle with medication costs? We can help you search for prescription assistance programs.

Are you in need of employment or education? Outreach staff can connect you with an array of job, school, and training resources.

Are you experiencing high levels of STRESS? We can refer you to a weekly on-site stress management class run by Waterfall staff.

Ask us about available eye care and dental assistance programs.

Are you a Veteran? A member of a Native American Tribe? A senior? A member of the LGBTQ+ community? Are you feeling isolated and unsure of what services may be available to you? We can connect you to community support and resources.

Community Resource Partnerships