Relaxation Group

Help yourself learn to relax on cue and lower stress, anxiety, blood pressure, pain, etc. by learning deep breathing and visualization techniques from guided meditations. You are welcome to join us in a small group setting for six weeks where we will practice different styles of relaxation each week. Helpful hints and some instructions are included to maximize your experience. Please dress very casual and warm and bring a blanket to lie on (we will provide yoga mats underneath) and expect to spend 20-45 minutes in relaxing guided meditation. This is not a talk support group about personal problems and you do not need to share anything about yourself, so please do not feel any pressure in this easygoing group. We are here to learn to relax and enjoy ourselves.


Penny ☺

Start date: April 15th
Time: 5-6 pm
Place: Waterfall Clinic MAIN CLINIC, North Bend

Please gather in main lobby until 5 pm.

If you are interested, please contact Crystal at extension 143 or ask your provider for a referral!