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Dillian’s Place

Dillian's Place

Dillian's Place - A One Of A Kind Playground

Waterfall Clinic's Starfish Youth Therapy Center is the only Autism Treatment Program of its kind in Southern Oregon. The equipment is used therapeutically to develop sensory input, allow for fun social interaction and promote exercise among the children. The playground is fully adaptable and accessible for children of all abilities.

Dillian Gray's Story

Read the full story at TheWorldNews.com

Dillian Gray’s life began with tragedy. As The World previously reported, on March 20, 2015, 4-month-old Dillian was brought to Bay Area Hospital with a brain injury that would later take his life.

That injury was the result of being allegedly abused by his biological father, who has since been indicted by a grand jury for manslaughter in the first degree, manslaughter in the second degree and criminal mistreatment in the first degree.

Within a matter of weeks after being brought to Bay Area Hospital for treatment, Dillian was placed into the local foster system. In April of 2015, he found himself at home with the Gray family.

When he first arrived, both Christina and Justin were already taking care of five children with significant medical needs, as The World reported last year.

“When we got him, we had no idea what his long term prognosis would be,” Christina Gray said in a previous interview. “Sometimes kids like him bounce back, some don't.”

It wasn’t long after he was brought to them that he began having seizures. Doctors discovered he was cortically blind and deaf, where the signals would stop at his brain stem.

“It was like having a television that can't plug in,” Gray described in an interview last year. “The eyes and brain and ears worked, but weren't connecting. He was near vegetative. He didn't roll over, had no cognitive movement or progression. His quality of life was limited. He didn't smile, didn't laugh.

In April 2017, Dillian was placed into hospice care. The Gray's adopted him that May.

Dillian died a little over a month later in July.

The Gray's have been working hard to continue to spread joy to children that need it most. Dillian's Place is going to be a home to many that need it.

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