Waterfall Hosts Vaccine Clinics At Schools In Coos County

Waterfall Community Health Center has been hosting Vaccine Clinics at select schools throughout North Bend and Coos Bay. This is an ongoing effort in hopes to get as many school children as possible a flu shot and a COVID-19 vaccination should they want to get them to stay healthy this school year. As the school year gets further underway, it is important to keep children healthy and able to attend school so they can get the most out of their education.



The Vaccine Clinics have been happening across numerous schools and are going to continue throughout the month of November. If your child needs a flu shot or a COVID-19 vaccination, Waterfall Community Health Center is happy to assist and answer any questions along the way during the process.



Coos County is currently in one of the largest bubbles of positive COVID-19 tests during the pandemic so far, so it is extremely important to remain educated on the vaccine and reach out with any questions or concerns you may have about it.

For more information on the Vaccine Clinics please visit: https://www.wfall.org/vaccine-days/